“A masterpiece of an unusual kind . . . compelling, disarming, and educational.”
—Christopher F. Small, author of The Italian Home for Children

“Spellbinding. Attention grabbing. I loved it. I can’t even begin to wrap my clinical brain around where this could go in the future of trauma treatment.”
—Denise M. Hamilton, LICSW, COO of Boston Youth Sanctuary



A prominent lawyer looks back on his career to explore the moving true stories of four individuals whose lives and law cases were deeply affected by their chronic loneliness.


J. W. Freiberg holds a PhD from the University of California and a JD from Harvard Law School. His publications include the critically acclaimed books Critical Sociology and The French Press as well as over thirty-five articles, book introductions, and other scholarly works on social psychology and legal issues. He currently divides his time between Paris and Boston and continues to practice law.